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Global Nepal Fest-2017 in US cities



KATHMANDU — Global Nepal Fest-2017 is taking place in two major east coast cities of the United States with a view to promoting Nepal to the global community through art, music, culture, food, tourism and handicrafts.

The Vintuna International is organizing the event in Washington DC on April 16 and in Baltimore on April 29 with the theme of ‘Exploring the Marvel of Nepal’.

The April 16 event will be held at George Washington University, shared the organizers.

The event will be filled with exciting cultural dances, live instrumental music from the Himalayas and entertainment activities throughout the day.

Various stalls showcasing Nepali art, culture, tourism activities, handicrafts, customs, diverse cultural programmes, Nepali food items and identity markers of the country would be installed in the festival.

Besides, Nepali art exhibition, Yoga and meditation sessions would be the part of the event.

In the exhibition, Nepali artists including Kiran Manandhar, Rajendra KC, Erina Tamrakar, Asha Dangol, Sagar Manandhar, Rabita KC, Diva Pradhan, Samjhana Rajbhandari, Chandra Shrestha and Krishna Gopal Ranjeet would take part with their creations.

Earlier in 2013, the Vintuna international had organized the Global Nepal Fest event in DC.

There would be enthusiastic participation of Nepali people living in different states of the US and Foreign nationals in the event, Dipak Sharma from DC told RSS.

“The event is expected to be successful in unleashing Nepal’s identity among the foreign people”, Sharma added.

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Gachhadar elected from Sunsari-3



Bijaya Kumar Gachchdar. File Photo

SUNSARI — Nepali Congress candidate Bijay Kumar Gachhadar has been elected in Federal Parliament from Sunsari constituency 3 defeating CPN-UML’s Bhagwati Chaudhary by 321 votes.

With result of Sunsari-3 the results of Fisrt-Past-The-Post (FPTP) elections system votes counting is over.

Gachhadar secured 38,972 votes while Chaudhary obtained 38651 votes.

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The result of the constituency was delayed after dispute between the two candidates after a currency note and a counterfoil of the ballot were found during counting.

Chaudhary was leading the count with 29,326 votes, leading Gachhadar by just 155 votes, when the counting stalled. The dispute was finally resolved on Tuesday and vote count resumed.

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