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Girls fall into Narayani River while taking selfie, one saved another missing

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KATHMANDU — Two girls on Sunday fell into the Narayani River while taking selfie standing on a stone on the bank of the river in Chitwan district.

While one of the girls has been rescued alive, another has gone missing after the incident, according to police.

Namrata Sapkota, 16, of Gaidakot Municipality, Nawalparasi district, was rescued alive, said Police Inspector Satya Ram Thapa.

According to him, Smita Gyawali ,18, was hanging out on the banks of the River with her six friends for taking a selfie with her friend Namrata Sapkota, with the river in the background.

Namrata, then, slipped off a stone and fell into the river and Smita plunged to save her. Gyawali, who is also from the same place, has not been found yet, informed Inspector Thapa.

Shyam Thapa of Bhaktapur, who runs a meat shop in Narayangadh and was walking along the river bank, also tried to save her but failed.

Bothe the girls were learning at Aroma College, were preparing for the board examination of Grade XII scheduled to start from March 10.

Inspector Thapa said that the search for Smita was on. “There is slim hope of recovering her alive. Nepal Police, APF, locals and her kin have been searching for her,” he said.

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Advance booking open for Dashin

Pratigya Waiju



Kathmandu—Finally, Federation of Nepalese National transportation Entrepreneurs Association agrees to open pre-booking for Dashin after the government decided to increase public transport fares by 10 percent.

The federation was demanding to unfreeze their bank accounts and adjust the fares in view of rising fuel prices.

On Saturday after the agreement between the government and federation, the transportation entrepreneurs opened advance booking.  Most of the counters set up banners announcing pre-booking for Dashin and many people were in que to book the ticket in advance.

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