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Girl dies of snake bite at Chhaupadi hut in Acchham

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ACHHAM — A teenage girl, who had been awaiting her Secondary Education Examination (SEE) result, died of snake bite at Chhaupadi hut in Turmakhand Rural Municipality-4 of Achham district on Saturday night.

Eighteen-year-old Parbati Budha, who had been staying in a Chhaupadi hut during her period, died after she was bitten by a poisonous snake on Saturday night.

The incident happened while the victim was asleep with her friend Radhika Budha in the hut. The Chhaupadi hut is in the farmland far away from the victim’s house.

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Parbati died in want of timely treatment as the family members knew about the snake bite incident quite late after the snake fell on the victim from roof and bit in her finger.

The government had declared Chhupadi a criminal offence in August, 2017 and introduced a law that stipulated a three-month jail sentence and or Rs 3,000 fine against those convicted of Chhaupadi crime. Despite the anti-Chhaupadi law and campaigns, the tradition is still practiced in remote parts of Achham.

But, Chhaupadi is a deeply rooted tradition existing in the western parts of the country.

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Drinking water shortage hits life at Yasok in Panchthar





PACHTHAR — A shortage of drinking water at Yasok Bazar, the center of Kummayak Rural Municipality, has thrown the normal life of the locals out of gear.

The problem arose after the local market management committee removed water pipes installed in the bazaar area. Per household here was getting 50 liters of drinking water once in two days before this.

Water scarcity here is not a new occurrence at Yasok which normally remains dry, but the complete disruption in the supply of taps water has paralysed the life, according to local hotelier Keshab Thapa.

There is no natural or artificial water source nearby the area and locals are forced to dependent on the supply by the local government through tractors in a very limited quantity.

The rural municipality has started fetching water from the local Chhorunga stream and distributing it to the locals. Tractors are used to transport stream water to the area.

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Earlier, the 650 households at Yasok were using drinking water supplied by the Yasok Deurali Drinking Water Project. Regular supply (once in two days) was too less to meet demand. There is a demand for some 250,000 liters of water at Yasok per day.

According to Yasok Market Management Consumers Committee secretary Mahendra Bahadur Khadka, water pipes were removed (without any alternative arrangements) in course of market management efforts and it will take some more days to restore them and water scarcity is to go for more few days

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