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Genes help determine age at which people first have sex

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LONDON — Researchers have found that differences in DNA could account for a quarter of the variation in the age at which people lost their virginity, with other factors, among them religious beliefs, family background and peer pressure, making up the rest.

The study out of Cambridge University in the UK found this can lead to poorer educational outcomes and higher risks of disease.

Researchers at Cambridge University analysed genetic data from more than 125,000 people, aged 40-69, from the UK Biobank, and found that genetics played a role in the age at which a person first engages in sexual intercourse — in other words, the timing of puberty.

They additionally found that a man’s identity, such as, a high risk-taker, plays a role.

“We were able to calculate for the first time that there is a heritable component to age at first sex, and the heritability is about 25%, so one quarter nature, three quarters nurture,” said John Perry, an expert in reproductive ageing and related health conditions at Cambridge University.

The author of the report, Dr Ken Ong, a pediatrician at Cambridge University specialising in epidemiology, said based on the findings, doctors should consider managing the onset of puberty if it arrives particularly early.

“Our current findings show that if we can in future help to avoid inappropriate early physical maturation, these will have benefits both in the short term on educational and sexual health, as well as in the long term,” Dr Ong said.

Dr Ong said the study showed that for the first time physical characteristics of an individual played a large part in when they first had sex.

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“Our study now shows for the first time that particularly those with certain physical characteristics, larger body size, those who are maturing physically earlier, are more vulnerable to such influences,” he said.

Dr Ong said genetic factors that influence a person’s personality also played a role.

“People who are more risk-taking, those who are maybe socially agreeable, [have] less irritable temperaments,” he said.

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Couples with a good sex life are more likely to cheat, finds a study

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Couples with a good sex life are more likely to cheat. Imge for representation only

Having great sex life in a relationship has been considered one of the most important factors as that would stop either partner becoming unfaithful. But a new research has found that having a good sex life only is not enough for partners as it may make one’s partner more likely to stray.

Researchers at the University of Florida assessed how newly married couples reacted to other people and found those with active sex lives were more likely to want sex with others

The team documented their sex satisfaction then monitored their interactions with others.

The researchers also found men with a more-attractive wife were less likely to cheat than women with a more-attractive husband . The authors said this sex difference is “consistent with evidence that partner attractiveness to men than it is to women”.

“With the advent of social media, and thus the increased availability of and access to alternative partners, understanding how people avoid the temptation posed by alternative partners may be more relevant than ever to understanding relationships,” the authors said.

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They found that participants who quickly stopped looking at an attractive person were less likely to have affairs during the course of the study. The difference in the length of time of the gaze between ‘cheaters’ and ‘faithful’ people was just fractions of a second.

A person who looked at an attractive person for just a few hundred milliseconds longer was 50 per cent more likely to cheat than someone who stopped looking at the attractive picture.

As well as avoiding looking longingly at others, researchers found that faithful people also ‘downgraded’ how attractive they viewed others.

The authors say that faithful people — when asked to evaluate how good looking other people were — gave lower scores than people who went on to cheat.

At a time when potential romantic partners on social media that could tempt someone to stray is high, the authors say their research is more relevant than ever further suggesting that people who really enjoy good sex are more likely to be unfaithful because they seek out sex with more partners.

Younger people were also more likely to cheat. And men who had previously had lots of short-term sexual partners were also more likely to have an affair, although the opposite was true of women.

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