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Gai Tihar, Laxmi Puja being observed today

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KATHMANDU — On the third day of the Yamapanchak, Gai Tihar and Laxmi Puja or worship to the Goddess of wealth is being celebrated with various religious rituals throughout the country in accordance with time honored tradition.

Gai (cow) is worshiped in the morning while Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth, is being worshiped in every household in the evening wishing for prosperity to mark the third day of the five-day Tihar festival — also known as the festival of lights — by lighting butter lamps and candles inside and outside of the households to light up the path of Goddess Laxmi in order to welcome her.

All the nooks and corners of the house are illuminated with colorful and decorative lights this evening in the belief that Goddess Laxmi does not visit places that are not properly illuminated, and so to please Goddess Laxmi, people light lamps and spend the whole night in vigil.

After the rituals, women of every household beat the Nanglo (a large straw woven plate) and enter the house from the courtyard to appease the Goddess and by wishing prosperity to enter their homes.

As per the scriptures Sri Sukta hymn is recited after worshiping Laxmi and a coconut, which is a favorite of the Goddess, is offered to her as it is believed this ritual ushers in prosperity.

The night of Laxmi Puja is also a start to the cultural programmes like ‘Deusi’ and ‘Bhailo’, where people, said to be sent by the king Bali, visit different homes singing and dancing for the prosperity.

Girls in groups visit door-to-door in settlements singing the Bhailo songs and the house-owners offer gifts of Selroti, rice grains and money to them.

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Govt, transport entrepreneurs strike eight-point agreement

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KATHMANDU — The government and agitating transport entrepreneurs have stroked an eight-point agreement on Friday.

The government has also agreed to amend provisions of the new Criminal Code as demanded by the transport entrepreneurs.

With the agreement, the agitating transport entrepreneurs have called off their protest programs after the government agreed to address their demands.

Tanker transport entrepreneurs had been staging protest since Tuesday against provisions in the penal code, including 10-year imprisonment for accidents and life imprisonment for causing death.

Following the agreement, the ongoing fuel supply crisis is now expected to end.

The entire country has been facing short of fuel due to the disruption of fuel supply after tanker drivers went on a strike to press for their demands.

Earlier today, after nation wide fuel shortage, the Nepal Oil Corporation has decided to start rationing of fuel citing depleting stock due to inadequate supply of petroleum products.

According to the NOC, a two-wheeler will be allowed to purchase 5 liters of petrol and light four-wheeler vehicle will be allowed to purchase 15 liters of petrol.

Likwise, the state oil monopoly has urged the petrol pumps to sell maximum 50 liters diesel to short-route vehicles and maximum 100 liters to long-route vehicles.

The NOC has also urged the fuel stations to prioritise ambulances, school buses and government vehicles while selling the fuel.

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