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First images from closest ever fly-by of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

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KATHMANDU — NASA’s Juno spacecraft completed its closest ever flyby of Jupiter’s iconic Great Red Spot a few days ago, capturing some stunning images of Jupiter’s gargantuan hurricane in the process.

Juno, travelling at about 50 kilometres per second, flew within 9,000 kilometres of the billowing brick-red cloud tops of the hurricane, which has been raging for at least 200 years.

The first raw pictures were released online, detailing the gas giant’s ‘Great Red Spot’ — a gigantic high-pressure zone twice the size of Earth.

Scientists say the spot, monitored since 1830, is a massive swirling storm, possibly hammering the solar system’s biggest planet for over 350 years.

Scientists are hoping the images — which will continue to be downloaded into the weekend — will open a new chapter in our understanding of the solar system’s biggest storm.

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NASA encouraged enthusiasts to process and enhance the colours and crop the images to highlight different aspects. They show a roiling orange cauldron of clouds 16,000 kilometres wide over a turbulent world with huge polar cyclones and aurora.

The images will be downloaded chronologically as the probe approached the planet, which means they will only get better and more detailed.

Juno’s most recent fly-by was the sixth time it had buzzed the giant planet since putting itself into a precise, lopsided orbit almost exactly a year ago.

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Newly appointed guvs take oath of office and secrecy

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KATHMANDU — President Bidya Devi Bhandari has administered the oath of office and secrecy to the newly appointed governors of all seven provinces on Friday amid a special function at the official residence of the President, Shital Niwas.

All seven governors appointed as the ceremonial state heads by the incumbent government on Wednesday were sworn-in at 4:00 pm Friday in Sheetal Niwas, according to Keshav Ghimire, joint secretary at the Office of the President.

Thegovernment had appointed Prof Govinda Subba as governor of Province 1, Ratneshwar Lal Kayastha as governor of Province 2, Anuradha Koirala for 3, Baburam Kunwar for 4, Umakanta Jha for 5, Durga Khanal for 6 and Mohan Raj Malla for Province 7.

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Immediately after their sworn in by the president, the election body on Friday itself handed over the name lists of those elected to the provincial assemblies under the proportional representation (PR) category in the polls held November 26 and December 7.

As per the legal provisions, the election body needs to submit the name lists of members elected to the provincial assemblies to the governors within five days after announcing the poll results.

Before that, the EC had distributed the certificates to the winning candidates, paving the way for the formation of provincial assemblies and for conducting the upper house elections slated for February 7.

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