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Firefighters called to remove YouTube prankster’s head from microwave

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LONDON — A British man who had his head cemented inside a microwave by his friends had to be rescued by firefighters after the prank went wrong.

It took a crew from the West Midlands Fire Service one hour to pull apart the microwave and remove the cement from the 22-year-old man after they were called to a house in Fordhouses, Wolverhampton, reported the BBC.

“As funny as this sounds, this young man could quite easily have suffocated or have been seriously injured,” Watch Commander Shaun Dakin said in a statement.

Using the microwave as a mould, friends of the man poured sevens bags of Polyfilla mix around his head, with only a plastic bag protecting his head inside the microwave.

The firefighters were called after the man’s friends failed to set him free despite trying for an hour-and-a-half.

“He and a group of friends had mixed seven bags of Polyfilla which they then poured around his head, which was protected by a plastic bag inside the microwave,” said Watch Commander Shaun Dakin.

“The oven was being used as a mould, and wasn’t plugged in. The mixture quickly set hard and, by the time we were called, they’d already been trying to free him for an hour-and-a-half.”

Luckily, the man’s friend’s had managed to feed an air tube into the man’s mouth, through which he was able to breathe.

Five firefighters were involved in the rescue operation.


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Three arrested with tiger hides





KATHMANDU- The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) on Tuesday arrested three persons in possession of tiger hides.

The CIB said that Man Bahadur Tamang of Shailung Rural Municipality in Dolakha; Lokmaya Gurung of Barpak Sulikot Rural Municipality in Gorkha district and Amar Singh of Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality in Saptari district were arrested from Budhanilkantha in the capital city acting on a tip off about their involvement in smuggling of animals’ hides and skeleton.

All three have been sent to the Division Forests Office, Kathmandu for further actions. According to the Superintendent of Police Sudip Giri, the alleged would be booked as per the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1973 and CITES Convention, 1975.

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