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Fiji cyclone toll rises to 42

Gorkha Post



SUVA — The loss of life from Fiji’s super-cyclone hit 42 till Tuesday, with authorities saying the Pacific country’s recuperation from the devastating storm could take months.

“The official loss of life now is 42, another eight bodies were found on the island of Koro since Monday,” government spokesperson Ewan Perrin said. “We are anticipating that it should rise but we hope it will rise by a small number,” he added.

The death toll has crept up in the days since Cyclone Winston struck Fiji late on Saturday as communication has gradually been restored with the outer reaches of the archipelago that is home to some 900,000 people.

As aid efforts intensified, communications were established with some of the worst-hit remote communities, revealing the scale of the disaster.

Severe tropical cyclone Winston, the most powerful storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere, lashed the island nation overnight on Saturday, packing wind gusts of 325 kilometres per hour and leaving a trail of destruction.

Thousands of people are still sheltering in evacuation centers as their homes destroyed by winds or flooded by the most powerful storm to ever strike a Pacific nation.


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Warm clothes provided to elderly, disabled people of Gorkha





GORKHA- Warm clothes have been distributed to elderly and disabled people at Bhimsen Thapa Rural Municipality-7 in the district.

The rural municipality provided clothes including blankets to 217 elderly people and 23 people with disabilities within the ward. The clothes distribution aims to help the people overcome chilling cold, said the ward chairperson Narayan Shrestha.

“Many people affected by the earthquake of April, 2015 have been living in temporary shelters. Mostly elderly and disabled people have been affected by cold. So the clothes we have provided will give a relief to them,” he said.

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