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Federal Alliance pickets Singha Durbar

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KATHMANDU — Supporters of Sanghiya Gathabandan (Federal Alliance), an alliance of more than two dozen fringe Madhesi and Janajati parties,  is gathering outside Singha Durba to protest against the constitution on Sunday.

A total of twenty-nine Madhesi and Janjati parties are associated with the alliance.

Earlier on Saturday, protesters affiliated to Gathabandan had held a mass demonstration in the Capital, the first day of their highly-publicized Kathmandu-centric protest.

The protest rally had converged at Shanti Batika in Ratna Park and passed through Sahid Gate, Sundhara, New Road, Ason and concluded at Bhotahiti.

The alliance announced the protest program putting forth 26-point demand with the government. Redrawing provincial boundaries and amending some provisions of the constitution are their key demands.

Sanghiya Samajwadi Forum Nepal General secretary Rajendra Shrestha said that the demonstration was aimed at pressuring government to find solution of the Tarai crisis through amendment in the constitution.

The alliance declared the Kathmandu centric protest programs, stating that the government would be responsible if such a situation arise in future.

The protest announcement of Federal Alliance comes two days after they spurned a government offer to resume talks.

The alliance has also said that the protest programs will continue until their demands are met by rewriting the constitution.

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Govt to present its policies and programmes Monday

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KATHMANDU — The government is preparing to present its policies and programs for the fiscal year 2018/19 at the Federal Parliament on Monday.

According to Joint Spokesperson at the Federal Parliament Secretariat Keshav Aryal, all preparations are over for the release of the government policies and programs to be made by the President Bidya Devi Bhandari from New Baneshwor-based Federal Parliament Building at 4:00 pm Monday.

President Bhandari would unveil the government policies and programs for the first time in the joint meeting of the Federal Parliament after the promulgation of the new constitution.

As per the constitution, the President can address any of the House meeting or the joint meeting of the Federal Parliaments and summon the lawmakers for their presence.

Vice President, top leaders of different political parties, high-ranking government officials, chiefs of the constitutional bodies, chiefs of the security bodies and chiefs of the diplomatic missions in Nepal are invited for the program.

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