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Father’s day being observed today

Pratigya Waiju



KATHMANDU-Kushe Aunshi, Father’s Day is being observed today across the country.

On the occasion, Children feed their father with delicious food items including sweets and show reverence.

The major marketplaces in the Capital have been busy since this morning with people shopping for their fathers.

As per the religious belief of ‘pitridevo bhava’ (respect to ancestors), the son and daughter receives a blessing from their fathers, and those whose fathers are already dead go to any pilgrimage site and perform shraddha (the holy ritual). Doing this, believed that their lineage will remain stable forever.

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Hindu will be celebrating Kushe Aunshi  by bringing Kush, a holy grass, into their houses. There is a religious belief that keeping Kush cut by priests and anointed with sacred verses or mantras in the house brings well-being to the household.

Similarly, the day is also being marked as the birth anniversary of Nepali litterateur Mottiram Bhatta. He had made a remarkable contribution to Nepali literature.


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Massive fire guts property worth millions in Itahari





ITAHARI- Goods, raw materials and equipments worth over Rs 20 million were gutted when a fire broke out at the Laxmi Foam Industry at Khanar of Itahari Sub-metropolitan City-10 in Sunsari district this morning.

It is said the fire suddenly broke out from the warehouse area of the industry where the ready-made goods are stored. Police have speculated that the fire started at 4 am when the industry had already closed and there were no workers inside.

The industry is owned by Bhanu Tibadewala. According the Shankar Thakur, the manager at the industry, the raw materials of doormat and important machinery at the industry have also been damaged in the inferno.

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Nepal Army, the Armed Police Force and the Nepal Police personnel as well as the Itahari fire brigade made attempts to douse the fire after some time it started.

Fire trucks from Dharan, Inaruwa, Biratnagar, Duhabi and Sundarharaincha were immediately called into service thereby bringing the huge inferno under control and preventing further damage, said Shiva Kumar Shrestha, Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Area Police Office Itahari.

He said the cause of the fire is not yet ascertained and the extent of damage is being assessed.

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