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Father gets 60 years in prison for trying to sell his 4-year-old daughter for sex

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TEXAS — A Wisconsin man, who authorities said posted an advertisement on Craigslist to sell his then-4-year-old daughter for sex, has been sentenced to 60 years in prison, according to multiple reports.

Andrew James Turley was sentenced Friday after a jury in Harris County, Texas, convicted him of trafficking a child and compelling prostitution of someone under the age of 18, prosecutors said.

The sentence comes more than two years after Turley caught the attention of Houston police officers who saw a Craigslist ad called ‘Play with Daddie’s Little Girl.’

Turley,30, was convicted of ‘trafficking a child and compelling prostitution of someone under the age of 18,’ the Houston Chronicle reported.

Turley described his daughter as ‘younger than 10’ as he arranged for a meeting with a potential client in more than 70 email exchanges, according to the Harris County district attorney’s office.

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He told the client in several emails that he would give the child some sleep medication ahead of the encounter and that he charges $1,000 for two hours. The district attorney’s office said Turley implied that his daughter “might be too young for intercourse but everything else was OK.”

Unbeknown to Turley, the client was an undercover police officer.

Turley was arrested in November 2015, after the undercover officer showed up at a Houston apartment where the child was living with her mother. Turley was in Houston to visit with his daughter, prosecutors said.

The girl was in a bedroom, unresponsive and lying naked under a blanket, ABC affiliate KTRK reported. The child’s mother, who was not charged, did not know what Turley was doing, KTRK reported.

“This case broke my heart,” said Stewanna Miskell, one of the assistant district attorneys who prosecuted the case. “A father is supposed to be a protector not a predator. Jurors saw the need to keep him out of our community.”

Turley was sentenced to 30 years on each of the two charges. He will not be eligible for parole until he’s 75.


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India’s 700 year old banyan tree put on saline drip

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HYDERABAD — The world’s second largest Banyan tree in Pillalamarri of Mahabubnagar district in Indian state of Telangana is on ‘saline drip’ now as part of the rejuvenation of the tree that is almost dying.

The 700-year-old ficus tree is now given treatment by injecting a diluted chemical to kill termite population that infested the tree.

The tree was spread across three acres and is believed to be the second biggest Banyan tree in the world,according to news agency ANI.

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One of its branches got infested by insects and is on saline drip as part of the rejuvenation. The tree is given treatment by injecting diluted chemical to kill termite population that infested it.

Termites had affected almost entire tree due to which parts of it are fallen, and it closed for tourists in December 2017.

District collector of Mahbubnagar inspected the tree and ordered forest officials to take care of it. They began the treatment of the tree with mixed chlorpyrifos(Pesticide) in saline bottle.

Forest officials are infusing the chemical solution drop by drop using saline bottles similar to a saline drip given to patients in the hospital as pumping of chemical into the stem failed. The solution was injected in the barks of the tree.

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