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EgyptAir plane hijacked to Cyprus, most passengers freed

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CYPRUS – A man strapped with explosives, hijacked an EgyptAir plane on a flight in the middle of Alexandria and Cairo on Tuesday and forced it to land in Cyprus, Egyptian authorities said.

After the plane landed at Larnaca airplane terminal, the hijacker released all the passengers of hijacked EgyptAir flight MS 181, except four foreigners and cabin crew, have been freed, Egypt Air said.

According to the official statement released by EgyptAir, the hijacker of Airbus A320 have freed all passengers, however they didn’t didn’t allow four foreigners and cabin crew to leave the plane.

“Negotiations with hijacker resulted in the release of all the passengers of the Egypt plane except cabin crew and four foreigners,” said the official statement. According to reports, the hijacker has been identified as Ibrahim Samaha.

EgyptAir flight MS 181 was hijacked by unknown persons and forced to land in at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus at 8:50 am. The flight had taken off from Alexandria and was supposed to land in Cairo. There were 81 people onboard.

According to reports, the pilot of the Airbus A320 was threatened with suicide belt and asked to divert the plane to Cyprus.

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NC consults experts on govt’s policies and programs





KATHMANDU — The main opposition party, Nepali Congress, has taken suggestions from experts regarding the government’s policies and programs.

A meeting of the Nepali Congress parliamentary party convened at the parliamentary party’s office in Singha Durbar today consulted with the economists and former bureaucrats on the policies and programs of the government.

The government presented its policies and programs for the fiscal year 2018/19 in the Federal Parliament on Monday.

Deliberations will be held on the policies and programs in the House of Representatives and the National Assembly from Wednesday.

NC leader Dilendra Prasad Badoo, talking to the National News Agency, RSS, said that the meeting reviewed the government’s policies and programs and also discussed on issues the party would speak on in parliament.

Before this, the Nepali Congress had decided to put its views in parliament by forming thematic committees.

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