Drug-addict women are more at risk

– Tuphan Neupane

Jayas Kumari Roma Ansari, 27, had a love marriage at the tender age of 14. She came to know that her husband was a drug trafficker, but only after their marriage. He used to buy brown sugar from Rupaidiya in India and sell in Nepal. Because of her husband, Roma started taking drugs. An accomplice to her husband, she also began injecting herself.

As Roma had become and addict, she needed drugs every day for which she required at least Rs 500 a day. They were able to manage the cost through the income of her husband. But the police arrested her husband all of a sudden. With his arrest, Roma’s source of income came to an end. Then she took to prostitution as an easy way of earning money.
“I cannot do any hard physical work, but it is almost impossible to live sans taking drugs. I became an addict unwillingly,” she said. Now she lives with other drug-addict women at Jayaspur.

Reena Shahi, a 45-year-old woman from Nepalgunj, looks older to her age. Her face is wrinkled. She can neither speak with comfort nor walk around. It is also difficult for her to stand up. She became such fragile at a young age because of her addiction to drugs.

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