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DoTM Director General Bhattarai transferred to ministry

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KATHMANDU — Department of Transport Management (DoTM) Director General Rup Narayan Bhattarai — a key person to end the transport syndicates — has been transferred to the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport.

A meeting presided over by Transport Minister Raghubir Mahaseth on May 14 had decided to call Bhattarai to the ministry. Bhattarai was accused of not cooperating with the ministry.

The transfer of Bhattarai, who had taken a hard line against the transport syndicates, has now raised serious questions about Mahaseth’s motives and also that of the government as the Oli-led government had been credited with taking a bold move for ending the transport syndicates.

According to an official at the DoTM — who said said that Bhattarai was called at the ministry under the pressure of transport entrepreneurs — Bhattarai had played an instrumental role to bring an end to the syndicate practice in the transportation sector.

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Earlier too, Bhattarai was transferred under the pressure of transport entrepreneurs. Then Transport Minister Bir Bahadur Balayar had kept him at the department by giving importance to some of the important decisions made by him.

The government had scrapped all the transport bodies a month ago under the initiative of Bhattarai. DoTM under the leadership of Bhattarai had opened new vehicle route permits that were controlled by transport bodies.

Bhattarai had taken the lead in drafting nine guidelines for ending transport syndicates. The government subsequently decided to seize the assets of 300 transport entrepreneurs and terminated several route permits of the protesting transport operators.

It has been learned that Mahaseth was also unhappy with Bhattarai for expanding the service of renewing driving licenses through already existing centers. Such services were recently started from Biratnagar and Bardiya.

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Maha Astami being observed today

Pratigya Waiju



KATHMANDU- Today Maha Astami festival is being observed throughout the country by the Hindus.

On this day, people offer special worship to the goddesses Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Maha Saraswati. They also sacrifice goats and roosters.

People who do not sacrifice animals, offers sacrifices of various vegetables and fruits in place of animals.

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Special Durgapuja and prayer ceremonies are held at the Dasain Ghars. People also worship weapons, vehicles and machines.

On this day, a special Kalaratri worship is held at midnight at the Dashain Ghar of Hanumandhoka in the capital city.

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