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Disturbed youngsters have early sex: Study

Happy sex life comes with hard work

MELBOURNE — A new study has found that young men and women who have a disturbed childhood are more likely to start having intercourse before the age of 16.

The long term study of around 2,900 Australian youngsters focused on the kids’ self-reported sexual decisions. The report published in the journal Pediatrics.

The group found that by the age of 17, around 45 percent of the boys and 51 percent of the girls already had experienced sex.

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The study also found that boys — yet not girls — who are socially anxious or withdrawn likewise had a tendency to engage in sexual relations at an early age.

“Such behavior problems in boys as adolescent as five and in girl as young as 10 can be used to precisely predict early start of sex,” the researchers said.

One in five boys and one in four girls said they have engaged in sexual relations for the first time before 16, most at 15 years old.

Boys who showed aggressive behavior by the age of five and eight proved twice as likely to have intercourse at an early age.

The results show that for some children, parents may need to start discussing sex at an early age to help them make right decisions, researchers suggested.