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Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation to construct int’l cricket stadium

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KATHMANDU — Sitaram Kattel, who is famously known by his television character name Dhurmus, has announced to construct an international cricket stadium in the country on Thursday.

Wrtinig in his Facebook page, Dhurmus, who is also the chairman of Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation, said that he decided to construct the stadium in order to enhance the game and increase the spirits of cricketers.

Kattel said that the foundation will only coordinate if another separate committee will be formed for the construction of the stadium adding that the government has a crucial role to play in the building of the stadium.

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“The government should grant us the place to build the stadium,” Dhurmus said adding, “We will collect donations for the stadium from the people and the rest of the amount should be managed by the government.”

The Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation have already constructed and handed over four settlements for earthquake, flood and fire affected victims

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Korean Pop Cover Dance Competition -2018 to be held in Kathmandu





KATHMANDU- Korean Pop Cover Dance Competition -2018 is to be held in the capital on December 14 with the objective of cultural exchange between Nepal and Korea by means of dance.

The dance competition is taking place at the Rastriya Naachghar at Jamal at 1 pm on December 14. Twenty six dance groups are competing in the contest being organized by Struck Pop in association with Youth for Change.

The Invincible Events and Management is managing the event.

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The 26 dance troupes were selected from total 150 groups through the first selection round held in Butwal, Narayangadh, Dharan, Pokhara and Kathmandu.

The team coming out first in the competition will bag Rs 30,000; the team standing second Rs 20,000 and the team coming third Rs 10,000, the founding director of Struck Pop, Sresh Moktan, said.

Struck Pop is a Korean dance troupe constituted in 2015. It has been carrying out various activities related to Korean dance since its inception.

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