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Dhurbe comes back in Chitwan National Park

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CHITWAN — A wild tusker, known as Dhrube, the rogue bull elephant that killed 15 Nepali and Indian nationals in a span of five years in Chitwan before going out of contact in 2013, has returned back to Chitwan National Park, officials at the park said.

Bed Kumar Dhakal, the park’s chief conservation officer, said on Sunday that Dhurbe is roaming around Shukibhar forest area of the park these days with a female elephant (Tirthmankali). She originally belongs to the CNP Sukhibhar Post.

Dhrube entered the post situated on the way to Tiger Tops and injured a male elephant (Paras Gaj) before breaking the chains of female elephant, according to CNP employees.

Dhurbe seems uncharacteristically calm these days, but this demeanour of his could have been influenced by a female’s presence, they said.

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Dhurbe had broken into the elephant stable of the post and whisked Tirthamankali away on Saturday night, said mahout Rajesh Singh.

In 2013, the killing spree of Dhurbe and the ensuing hunt for him by the CNP authority had grabbed national headlines. A large team was deployed to put down the killer elephant, but to no avail.

That time, Dhrube was shot by CNP officials but he managed to run away and survive. It has been said that the wild tusker had turned lovesick before resorting to rampage.

After years in solitude, the wild tusker appeared around the region a month ago. Moreover, two days ago, Dhrube had knocked down windows of the store room of the post.

Likewise, one Jeep Safari Driver Gauri Ram Bishwakarma shared that the wild creature had chased down his jeep while he was touring visitors around the area on Saturday.

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FNNTEA starts pre-booking from today

Pratigya Waiju



KATHMANDU—The federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs Association (FNNTEA) has opened the annual pre-Dashain booking from today. The transportation entrepreneurs opened advance booking after the government agreed to increase public transport fares by 10 percent on Saturday.

The advance booking for bus tickets had remained uncertain because the transport operators associated with the FNNTEA had been demanding the government to unfreeze their bank accounts and adjust the fares in view of rising fuel prices.

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Though they said that the booking would be opened from 21 September, the transport operator associated with FNNTEA did not take any booking till yesterday. Only the private transportation companies started pre-booking from 21 September.

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