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Department to revise public transport fare in a week

Gorkha Post



KATHMANDU — The Department of Transport Management would adjust the public transport fare within a week.

The Nepal Oil Corporation slashed the cost of fuel on Monday taking after the droop in the cost of petroleum products in the international markets.

The air fare has been adjusted to be effective from Wednesday in the wake of the reduction of the fuel price.

However, the transport fare has not yet been reduced and the commuters are compelled to pay the old fare.

Moreover, there is no uniformity in the transport fare and the public transporters are arbitrarily charging the passengers, saying they bought the diesel in the black market.

The Department has not taken action although the passengers are being overcharged, the people have complained.

Meanwhile, releasing a press statement today, the Nepal Students Union (NSU), the student wing of the main opposition Nepali Congress warned of waging a stern protest movement if the government failed to reduce the public transport fare as per the reduction of fuel price.


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Advance booking open for Dashin

Pratigya Waiju



Kathmandu—Finally, Federation of Nepalese National transportation Entrepreneurs Association agrees to open pre-booking for Dashin after the government decided to increase public transport fares by 10 percent.

The federation was demanding to unfreeze their bank accounts and adjust the fares in view of rising fuel prices.

On Saturday after the agreement between the government and federation, the transportation entrepreneurs opened advance booking.  Most of the counters set up banners announcing pre-booking for Dashin and many people were in que to book the ticket in advance.

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