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Dentist finds live maggots inside patient’s mouth

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A dentist, in a gruesome video clip, shows opening up his patient’s mouth to find scores of wriggling maggots, the slimy insects, usually found in rotting meat.

This is the revolting moment an unfortunate dentist encountered with a mouth infested by live maggots. As the dentist tugs the patient’s bottom lip, her yellow, rotting teeth protrude past her eroded gums — an obvious sign of poor oral hygiene, strongly linked to oral myiasis, the MailOnline reported.

In the 56-second long clip, suspected to have been shot in South India, was posted to LiveLeak and YouTube , the unnamed patient can be heard breathing heavily.

As her top lip is also pulled away, the true extent of her infestation is revealed and the insects can be seen swarming in her gums.

The woman appears to suffer from myiasis, which comes from the Latin words “myia” meaning fly and “iasis” meaning disease.

The flies’ larvae can feed on the host’s living or dead tissue, liquid body substance, or ingested food. When the tissues in the oral cavity are invaded by parasites, this is known as oral myiasis.

Those at risk of the rare condition include those from poorer social backgrounds and people who have suffered wounds or other injury to the face. It is also more common in regions with a warmer climate.

Infestations of the nose and ears are dangerous because of the possibility of penetration into the brain, the fatality rate is 8 per cent in such cases.

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Maldives opposition legislator Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wins presidency

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MALE — Maldives opposition legislator Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has beaten incumbent Abdulla Yameen according to provisional results, the country’s Elections Commission says.

Results released by the Elections Commission showed Mr Solih securing 133,808 votes (58.3 percent) compared to the 95,526 for incumbent Abdulla Yameen. The voter turnout was over 88 per cent out of the 262,000-strong electorate.

The Maldives government has acknowledged the opposition’s victory after the vote on Sunday, a surprise defeat for President Abdulla Yameen who was widely expected to win.

There were no other candidates.

Mr Solih had the backing of a united opposition trying to oust Mr Yameen, but struggled for visibility with the electorate, with local media fearful of falling afoul of heavy-handed decrees and reporting restrictions.

“I call on Yameen to respect the will of the people and bring about a peaceful, smooth transfer of power,” Solih said on television, shortly after interim results from the country’s election commission.

“We have won this election with a comfortable majority,” Solih said.

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