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Dahal assures integrated development of Chitwan

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CHITWAN — CPN (Maoist Centre) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that an integrated development model is being prepared by incorporating Chitwan and neighbouring districts.

Speaking at an interaction programme organized by Press Centre Nepal Chitwan chapter this morning, the former prime minister said that such integrated development plan should be made by incorporating Nawalpur, Makawanpur, Dhading and Thori of Parsa district.

Saying that exemplary model of development would be carried out, the Maoist Chairman stressed on the maximum utilisation of natural resources available in the region.

Prachanda, also the Member of Parliament from Chitwan-3, said that other adjoining locations should also be taken into consideration while developing the area.

“Development model should be prepared by looking at the geo-political situation of Chitwan with Nawalpur, Makawanpur, Dhading, Thori and India,” he shared.

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Stating that consultations with leaders and intellectuals were ongoing about the development of the region, the former prime minister vowed to unveil international standard of development.

“I visit different places in Chitwan whenever I visit here. I don’t visit for relaxation rather to find out the development potentials,” he revealed the purpose of his repeated visits in his hometown Chitwan.

On the occasion, Prachanda also made his statement to completely stop the practice of land plotting.

He said discussions with Israel are going on to make model agricultural region in Chitwan based on integrated agriculture system.

Likewise, the Maoist Chairman said that positive discussions were held on Tuesday evening with a Chinese delegation to establish industries in Chitwan. He said that the Chinese investors are proposing to establish steel, iron, garment and footwear factories.

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Saying that Chitwan can be a hub for education and health, Dahal claimed he was according top priority to the concerned programmes.

Likewise, he said the police headquarters of Province No. 3 would be stationed in Chitwan while the central office of the President Chure Conservation Committee would also be established in Chitwan.

Dahal also reiterated his commitments made during the election rallies and added that some projects would be advanced in the current fiscal year while some others would get budget from the upcoming fiscal year.

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US to provide 4 Sky Trucks to Nepal Army

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KATHMANDU — The government of the United States is providing four Sky Trucks, light cargo and passenger aircraft, to the Nepal Army for rescue and disaster response efforts.

Two of the four Sky Trucks that will arrive in Kathmandu by 2020. Those two aircrafts will be newly manufactured while the rest will be refurbished aircraft.

The Army is running short of aircraft, with just around a dozen of heavy, medium, and light transport helicopters comprising its fleet.

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According to the US Embassy in Nepal, the value of the four aircraft is $35.5 million.

The US government had pledged the aid during an outgoing Chief of Army Staff Rajendra Chhetri’s visit to the United States in April 2016. The US government, during Chhetri’s visit to the US, had pledged to provide Nepal Army with four aircraft within two years.

During his farewell speech on August 8, Chhetri highlighted the US support as one of the significant achievements of his tenure.

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