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Cuddling key to happy relationships for men

Raghu Kshitiz



Cuddling might be key secret to a long and healthy relationship for men, say researchers from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University in Bloomington.

“Contrary to some stereotypes, the most appealing behaviours, even for men, are romantic and affectionate behaviours,” said lead author Debby Herbenick adding : “These included kissing more often during sex, cuddling, saying sweet/romantic things during sex, making the room feel romantic in preparation for sex, and so on.”

For the staudy published in journal PLOS One, researchers studied more than 1,000 heterosexual couples from the US, Brazil, Germany, Japan, and Spain who were in relationships for an average of 25 years.

The study’s participants, who were between the ages of 40 and 70, filled out a gender-specific questionnaire on sex and relationship-related topics that the researchers assured them would not be shared with their partner.

In addition, they investigated the level of appeal of nearly 50 sexual behaviours. They found that many have engaged in a wide variety of behaviours and that some are fairly common. They also noted that although many men and women rated a range of sexual behaviours as appealing and may have tried them in the distant past, fewer engaged in them in the past month or year.

One stereotype-shattering result — that men may not want to share with their partners — was that frequent kissing or cuddling predicted relationship happiness for men but not for women.

Other surprising findings include men were more likely to say they were happy in their relationship than women, and men said it was important that their partners experienced an orgasm during sex.

“We know from other research that being in a long-term relationship has some value to health,” study author Dr. Julia Heiman, director of The Kinsey Institute said in a written statement.

“Perhaps we can learn more about what makes relationships both sustainable and happy.”

This research has many implications for the future understanding of adult sexual behaviours. Sexuality educators, clinicians as well as people in the general population will now have a better understanding of the prevalence and diversity of sexual behaviours experienced by adults in the US general population.

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Rape cases rising in Tulsipur High Court’s desk





DANG — The High Court Tulsipur in Dang last fiscal year settled 602 cases. As stated by court registrar Shreelal Poudel, in the period, the court registered 413 new cases and the number of cases in pending case (previous years) were 373. Of the total 786 cases, the court gave its final hearings on 602 cases.

The records show that among the cases filed in the period, the highest number is about rape which is figured at 88 and 70 have been already sorted out legally while 18 are under sub-judice.

Similarly, the cases registered seeking divorce were 21 and among them the court finished its proceedings on 19 cases.

The court has set up the civic help desk and arranged for free application writing facility, making the service system technology-friendly.

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