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College girl was hit by semen-filled balloons in name of Holi in India’s capital New Delhi

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NEW DELHI — The Hindu festival of Holi is supposed to be the event of colours when people enjoy smearing colors in each other’s face, forgetting personal enmities, but in a New Delhi college, the event took a bizarre turn for some girls.

A student of Lady Sri Ram (LSR) College, New Delhi, took to social media and shared a story of coming under an attack of semen-filled balloons in the name of Holi celebrations.

“I didn’t know what semen flinging was, I learnt that today. My kurti tells the tale,” wrote a horrified, disgusted and angry Tolino Chishi, a student of LSR College for Women, in her latest Instagram post where she went on to describe the incident.

Chishi had gone out to Amar Colony for lunch with a friend, and after a long and tiring day was heading back to her hostel when she was attacked with liquid filled balloons that hit her on her back.

Unveiling the hooliganism, Chishi,who is from Nagaland, wrote, “I went out with a friend for lunch to a cafe in Amar Colony Market. At around five when heading back in a rickshaw there came flying my way a liquid-filled balloon hitting me in the hip where it burst open, its content seeping into my dress.”

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The contents of the balloon seeped onto her kurta and leggings, and it was only when she got back that she realised that the liquid-filled balloon actually contained semen.

Chishi took to Instagram to share her experience in a two-part post where she talked about what had happened, and the experiences she has had in the city ever she moved in seven months back. The post soon went viral and saw many women come out in support of Chishi, condemning what had happened and sharing their thoughts on it.

“It dried white on my black leggings… I did not guess what it really was. Only when I returned to my hostel to hear another friend of mine talking about semen-flinging,” she wrote.

“Not a single person in that busy market batted a single eyelid at the sight of men throwing such balloons,” she said in the post.

Meanwhile, the LSR Students’ Union has called for a protest on March 1 against the disturbing incidents. In a statement, the Union said that there are those who ‘play Holi’, and then those who fear stepping out on that day.

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According to ANI news, a written apology has been given to the students by the family of the student who threw the balloons on them.

According to the report, police patrolling has increased in areas around the college. The students have also been provided a mobile number by police authorities and they have been urged to file complaint in this regard.


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Doctors remove live cricket from man’s ear canal

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Doctors at a hospital in Vietnam shared footage from an unusual case involving a cricket found living inside a man’s ear canal.

The doctors said the man came to the Hai Duong Hospital complaining of ear pain and a look inside his ear canal with an endoscope revealed the cause was a live cricket.

The footage shows the cricket digging around inside the man’s ear canal.

Doctors have successfully removed the cricket, and he is now recovering.

See the video Here.

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