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CIAA captures police office red handed taking bribe

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A regional office of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) at Kohalpur caught red handed a Suman Kharel, a sub Sub Inspector of Police posted at District Police Office, Banke on Friday night.

Following up on a tip-off, a CIAA squad led by Chief of Liaison Office of the anti-graft  body based  in Khohalpur Basanta Kunwar captured Sub Inspector Kharel while he was receiving Rs 25,000 at Dhambojhi-based Crossroad Restaurant the previous evening.

Sub Inspector Kharel has been kept in custody at Area Police Office, Kohalpur.

According to the eyewitnesses, other civil dressed police officers had obstructed the vehicle of CIAA team while attempting to capture the Kharel.

Ten such officers, who were attempting to spare their colleague Kharel, have also been kept at Bheri Zonal Police Office.

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Govt, transport entrepreneurs strike eight-point agreement

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KATHMANDU — The government and agitating transport entrepreneurs have stroked an eight-point agreement on Friday.

The government has also agreed to amend provisions of the new Criminal Code as demanded by the transport entrepreneurs.

With the agreement, the agitating transport entrepreneurs have called off their protest programs after the government agreed to address their demands.

Tanker transport entrepreneurs had been staging protest since Tuesday against provisions in the penal code, including 10-year imprisonment for accidents and life imprisonment for causing death.

Following the agreement, the ongoing fuel supply crisis is now expected to end.

The entire country has been facing short of fuel due to the disruption of fuel supply after tanker drivers went on a strike to press for their demands.

Earlier today, after nation wide fuel shortage, the Nepal Oil Corporation has decided to start rationing of fuel citing depleting stock due to inadequate supply of petroleum products.

According to the NOC, a two-wheeler will be allowed to purchase 5 liters of petrol and light four-wheeler vehicle will be allowed to purchase 15 liters of petrol.

Likwise, the state oil monopoly has urged the petrol pumps to sell maximum 50 liters diesel to short-route vehicles and maximum 100 liters to long-route vehicles.

The NOC has also urged the fuel stations to prioritise ambulances, school buses and government vehicles while selling the fuel.

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