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Chinese police seize fake chemical jellyfish

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HUZHOU — A huge amount of man-made, chemical loaded jellyfish has been seized by Chinese police, adding new ingredient to the country’s long recipe of fake foods.

The marine creature is a popular appetiser in China, known for its crisp but fleshy texture, often shredded and pickled in salt, vinegar and a little sugar.

Fake jellyfish, produced using chemicals, was found at a food market in Huzhou, in the coastal province of Zhejiang, the local government said on its website.

The concoction had a high aluminium content, the long-term consumption of which can damage bones and nerves and lead to memory loss and mental decline.

Huzhou police also issued advice on WeChat on differentiating real jellyfish from fake.

Fake jellyfish tends to be white and transparent, and it is tasteless and tough, the release said, adding that real jellyfish has a yellow tinge and has a fishy smell.

China is prone to food safety scandals as businesses, sometimes in collusion with corrupt officials, which often ignores standards and regulations in pursuit of profit.

The vendors’ suppliers in neighboring Jiangsu sold more than 10 tonnes before being caught, the local government said, netting $35,000 between two gangs.

A total of six suspects were detained in two raids and police were investigating further, it added.

In 2008, several infants died and thousands fell ill because of baby milk powder tainted by a chemical additive. Two dairy farmers were executed over the case.


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5 dead as gunman attacks churchgoers in Russia

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At least five people were killed and another five were injured when a gunman attacked a crowd of people leaving a church on Sunday in Russia’s southern province of Dagestan, Russian news agencies reported.

The attack occurred in the village of Kizlyar in the Muslim-majority republic of Dagestan.

Russian news agencies said the attack occurred as churchgoers celebrated Maslenitsa, a Christian holiday marking the last day before Lent according to the eastern Orthodox calendar.

CCTV footage from the site of the deadly shooting shows a man armed with a rifle gunning down two women in broad daylight.

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A bearded man clad in a black vest and camouflage pants was seen crossing the street before opening fire on two female churchgoers as they left a service in Kizlyar in the Republic of Dagestan on Sunday afternoon. A woman walking several meters from the attacker was seen rushing away as the bloodshed unfolded.

The attacker was identified as a 22-year-old man local to the region, the TASS news agency said, citing the investigative committee.

He was shot and killed by security services who were on duty nearby, TASS said, adding that a hunting rifle, bullets and a knife were discovered on his person.

Initial reports suggested all five victims were women, TASS said, citing the local branch of the interior ministry.


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