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Chinese couple sells newborn daughter to purchase iPhone

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BEIJING — A Chinese couple reportedly sold their 18-days-old daughter for 23,000 Yuan (Rs3, 79,728) to purchase an iPhone.

A Duan, father of the child, from Fujian Province in nation’s southeast found a purchaser for his 18-days-old daughter on the social networking website QQ, who paid 23,000 Yuan for the child, state-run People’s Daily online reported.

As per People’s Daily Online, a pair of 19-year-olds became unwilling parents after accidentally conceiving. When the child was 18-days-old, the baby’s father ‘A Duan’ and mother ‘Xiao Mei’ — their names have been changed — used social media to free themselves of their living, breathing burden.

The man supposedly planned to purchase an iPhone and a motorbike with the cash. The mother, called Xiao Mei, apparently worked some part-time jobs while the father invested his most of time in Internet cafes.

Mei had fled from Tong’an after the baby was sold, but was tracked down by police investigating the illegal sale.

“I myself was adopted, and may people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know that it was illegal,” Mei said.

Mei has received a two-and-a-half year suspended sentence and A Duan was given three years in jail, the report said.


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Civil service employees disagree ordinance





RUPANDEHI- The Nepal Civil Service Employees Union (Association) Province-5 has expressed discontent on the employees’ adjustment ordinance brought out by the government.

Noting that the employees’ adjustment ordinance was introduced against the common understanding of the employees, the committee on Monday submitted a 12-point memorandum to the federal government through Province-5 Chief Minister and Office of Council of Ministers.

It may be noted that a 22-point common concept was submitted to the government through Chief Secretary of the federal government after holding discussions among national level trade unions of civil service. The discussion was coordinated by the authentic trade union of civil service employees.

The committee has expressed disagreement on the issuance of employees adjustment ordinance-2018 against the share concerns against the shared concept of the employees.

The Nepal Civil Service Employees Union (Association) has been insisting on the government to adjust employees as per the Adjustment Act-2074 and immediately enforce the voluntary retirement plan as per the Clause 13 of the Act.

A team headed by Association Province-5 Chairperson Madan Gautam had submitted the memorandum to Secretary of Chief Minister and Council of Minister, Basanta Adhikari.

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