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China develops Star Wars-style ‘Laser Gun’ that can penetrate into human body from half-mile away

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BEIJING — China said it has built a Star Wars-like laser gun named ZKZM-500 which is capable of causing ‘pain beyond endurance’, according to researchers.

The ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle can strike a target from half-mile away using an energy beam that cannot be seen, causing ‘instant carbonisation of human skin and tissue’.

The weapon includes a silent, invisible ‘energy beam’, that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but can pass through windows and is able to burn clothes in a split second and set a person on fire.

The weapon, which is powerful enough to pass through windows, can burn through clothes in a split second, claim scientists who have not been named due to the sensitivity of the project.

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According to sources, the rifle is ready to be mass produced and will first be distributed to police anti-terrorism squads – though no date has been given for deployment.

The gun, powered by a lithium battery that can be recharged, can potentially fire 1000 times with each fire lasting two seconds. The gun can also be mounted on cars, boats and planes for varying operations.

It is learnt that the ZKZM-500 is all set for mass production and that the first batch of the guns would be given for anti-terrorism operations as its benefits in hostage situation could be enormous.

At an estimated price of US$15,000 per unit, the gun could also be one of the most expensive when mass produced.


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Balmiki Education Foundation School students develop robot





BHADRAPUR— Students from Balmiki Education Foundation based in Birtamodh, Jhapa have developed several instruments including robot, drone and censor car.

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Eighth grader Roshan Kumar Saha and his colleagues made a robot at the cost of Rs 180,000.
The robot developed by the students was kept at Science Exhibition of the school on Monday.

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