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Cathay Pacific ends skirts only rule

Gorkha Post



HONG KONG — Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific has decided to end its 70-year-old skirts-only rule — that’s existent since the airline’s founding in 1946 — for female attendants after the flight attendants’ union won the right to wear trousers.

The current uniform for female cabin crew is an above-the-knee skirt with two slits at the back, black stockings, and black heels, which invites sexual harassment both on board planes and off.

“We welcome and appreciate the company’s decision on giving us an option in choosing uniforms,” said Pauline Mak, vice chair of the Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Flight Attendants Association.

She said many female colleagues had expressed concern over wearing short shirts while working, especially when putting passengers’ luggage into overhead compartments and also when taking public transport off duty.

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The news sees light of the day post Cathay Dragon reached an ‘understanding’ with employees that would allow all uniformed staff to choose between wearing trousers and skirts, reported the South China Morning Post.

According to the report, some 2,500 female Cathay Pacific cabin crew were in favour of wearing trousers. Cathay Pacific has about 7,000 female attendants out of a total cohort of 10,000.

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Business community demands slash in interest rate

Pratigya Waiju



BIRATNAGAR— The industrialists and traders in Biratnagar have asked the government to immediately reduce the high interest rate charged by the bank and financial institutions (BFIs) from the borrowers.

They argued that the interest rate should be around seven percent for the production-based industries and up to nine percent for the trading firms.

At a programme jointly organised by Industry Association Morang and Trade Association Morang on Thursday, the business leaders drew attention of the government to that end adding that job creation for the labour force of 500,000 was not likely only from the industry and trade sectors.

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Stressing the need for slashing the interest rate, they also argued the central bank should realise the reality that no bank was running out of loss. The industrialists and businesspersons said that industries and business should flourish to reduce the trade deficit, strengthen the economy and create more job opportunities.

Industrialists Bhim Ghimire, Pawan Kumar Sharda, Sushen Pyakurel, Moti Dugad and others said that bank’s interest rate should be low to increase the domestic investment and lure the foreign investment.

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