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Cases related to heinous crimes not withdrawn: PM’s Secretariat

KATHMANDU — The Private Secretariat of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has made it clear that the cases related to those accused of heinous crimes took place in Tikapur of Kailali and other places would not be withdrawn.

In a press release it issued on Friday, PM’s private secretariat said not a single case of atrocious crimes has been taken back nor was there any situation for doing so.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers on Thursday had decided to acknowledge the Tarai-Madhes movement as a political movement.

In response to the news carried in the media regarding the decisions of the Council of Ministers, PM’s Private Secretariat refuted the news published by the media regarding the decision of the Cabinet meeting that cases related to the heinous crimes have been withdrawn.

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The Cabinet meeting  on Thursday directed the Ministry of Home Affairs to start home work for the process of withdrawing the cases filed against people who were not involved in the incidents of riots and killing including in Tikapur but who were implicated in false charges based on suspicion and prejudice, in a way that would be in consonance with the law.

In a bid to create the environment conducive for the second-phase local-level elections, the government had made a decision to initiate the process to take back, as per the law, the false cases filed against those people not involved in such incidents.

The secretariat has appealed to all to work towards making preparation for the second-phase local-level election which remains to be held.