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Budhi Polne Parba being observed in Far West




DADHELDHURA — The Budhi Polne Parba — a religious festival– is being observed with fervor in various districts in the Far West of the country today.

The day falls on the first day of Nepali month of Ashwin, when,  as the legend goes, Lord Krishna killed demon Budhi aka Rakshashni Putana. Her effigy is burnt today as a commemoration of victory of righteousness over evil and ill.

The cow herder friends of Lord Krishna burnt the corpse of Putana on this day, according to Priest Krishna Dutta Ojha.

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Demon Putana used to kill the children by breastfeeding them her milk laced with poison. The effigy of Putana, on this day, is attached with the trunk of the tree, preferably the pine, and is burnt in the evening.

Also, on this day, the devotees eat cucumber and partake in a ritual bath called luto phalne (washing away the scabies and skin diseases).

The ashes of the effigy of Putana is then put on the domestic animals. In doing so, it is believed, that the livestock would never contract any diseases. Culture programmes as Deuda and Bhuwa also held at night.

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Devotees throng in Hindu shrines to observe Bala Chaturdashi





KATHMANDU- Thousands of Hindu devotees from across the country have thronged in Pashupatinath temple and some other Hindu shrines from early morning today to pay homage to their near and dear ones, who died over the last one year, on the occasion of Bala Chaturdashi.

Families of those deceased sow the Satbeej (many different seeds) and lit lights praying for eternal peace to the deceased on this day.

In Pashupati, the devotees have observed penance the whole night from the last night and have taken the holy dips this morning to sow the seeds.

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The holy seeds of paddy, maize, wheat, barley and others are sown at Kailash, Gaurighat, Aryaghat, and Guheswori of Pashupati area, and Panchase, Galeshwor and Lord Shiva’s shrines across the country in Bala Chaturdashi that falls on Marga Krishna Chaturdashi.

As per the Hindu mythology, one’s ancestors will rest in heaven if such seeds are sown in the shrines of the Lord Shiva after lighting the lamps in their memory on the night of Marga Krishna Trayodashi.

In order to assist the devotees, the Pashupati Area Development Trust has arranged tents and other basic facilities, according to Trust’s Member Secretary Dr Pradeep Dhakal.

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