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Buddhism started in Lumbini: PM Oli

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KATHMANDU — Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the government is committed to promoting Lumbini as the birthplace of Lord Buddha as Lumbini is indisputably the fountain of Buddhism.

PM Oli said the meeting is vital to Nepal since it connects Lumbini with Lord Buddha and origin of Buddhism while speaking at the International Buddhist Conference in the Capital on the eve of 2560th birth commemoration of Lord Buddha on Thursday.

Speaking on Lumbini and its importance with reference to Buddhism, the PM remarked that Buddhism originated in Lumbini. “It is the land of Buddha and the fountain of peace,” he said, adding that this very fact has ‘invested the Nepalese people with values and identity and inspired both Nepalese and foreign visitors including artists and scholars’.

The PM said, “Lord Buddha is an embodiment of our quest for truth and peace. For us, he is not just the light of Asia: he is the light of the whole world.”

The PM also said that the conference will ‘contribute to elevating our understanding of the indispensable link between Lumbini and Buddhism’.

The PM also revealed government’s plan to promote and develop Lumbini as the centre of International Buddhist Studies. He also commended the Lumbini Buddhist University for taking lead in this sector.

Stating that Buddha’s teachings always stressed the importance of harmony, tolerance and selflessness, Oli emphasised the need to work for the happiness of the multitude rather than for oneself.

The Conference is being organised around the theme of ‘Lumbini, Nepal: the Birthplace of Lord Buddha and Fountain of Buddhism and World peace’.

Buddhist religious scholars, leaders, monks and nuns from 28 countries are participating in the conference hosted by the government and it will conclude today.

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Bakar-Eid being celebrated





POKHARA — The Muslim people people are celebrating their grand festival, Bakar Eid, with much fanfare today.

The festival which is to be continued for three days from today is also known as ‘Eid-Ul-Juha’. The Muslim community considers this as a festival of devotion.

Ali Miya Literary Foundation, Pokhara Chairperson and religious preacher Hanif Miya informed that the festival marked the beginning with the recitation of Islam scripture Nawaz at Idgaha of Pokhara in the early morning today.

The Muslim people who are almost 10,000 in number in Pokhara alone are marking the festival with much excitement, he added.

The Muslims visit the mosques, offer prayers to Allah, perform the Namaj prayers and exchange greetings each others on the occasion.

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