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British girl commits suicide after accidentally sending compromising Snapchat message to boyfriend

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Charlotte Guy was studying healthcare at St John Rigby College in Wigan. Photo: GoFundMe

MANCHESTER — A 17-year-old British girl has committed suicide after she accidentally sent a Snapchat message to her on-off boyfriend, revealing that she had slept with someone else.

Charlotte Guy, a resident of Wigan, England, had sent the message unknowingly to her boyfriend which read, “I love you, knowing that you hate me is enough”, revealing she had slept with another guy while she was at university and regretted it, The Guardian reported.

After realising what she had done, the young girl apologised and told boyfriend Jack Hurst the message ‘wasn’t for’ him before sending a long text to explain.

Then she took her own life right after she apologised to the boyfriend. She told Jack ‘goodbye’ and asked him to ‘forgive her’.

Hurst, 20, a student at Newcastle University, told Bolton coroner’s court that he was concerned by the message and had tried to call Charlotte. When she did not answer, he called the police and used her Snapchat account to pinpoint her location. When they arrived, Charlotte was already dead.

Hurst also said that their relationship was also not going too strong as they have often had multiple breakups in the past.

“The Snapchat referenced her sleeping with someone on Saturday night. She told me that it wasn’t for me, and apologized and said she was a horrible person.”

Charlotte’s parents, Martin and Deborah Guy, told the paper that the girl had tried to harm herself in the past as well, following which they took her to a healthcare professional for treatment.

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Mid-Hill highway opens door of prosperity: Minister Adhikari





GALKOT- Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Rabindra Adhikari has said that the Mid-Hill highway had opened the door of prosperity.

He added that the highway was easing the transportation service of the hilly people.

Inaugurating the Badigad Festival and Nwagi Fair-2075 BS here in Baglung district on Saturday, Minister Adhikari stressed on preserving and promoting the domestic cultures to strengthen the nationality and create harmony among the people.

The festival organizer committee coordinator Tika Paija shared that the festival was organized to preserve domestic culture and promote local tourism.
The festival will run until November 25.

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