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Arizona woman kills 3 sons, stabs herself after putting sons’ bodies in closet

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PHOENIX —  An Arizona woman killed three young sons and put their bodies in a closet then she tried to kill herself at their home, police said Thursday.

The woman’s brother called 911 after returning to the northwest Phoenix home late Wednesday and finding she had locked him out, Sgt. Trent Crump said.

The brother eventually entered the home and found his 29-year-old sister with self-inflicted stab wounds. While he was getting towels for her bleeding, she tried to drown herself in a bathtub, Crump said.

Officers found the dead boys — ages 2 months old, 5 and 8 years old — in a closet. The youngest boy’s body was in a case of some kind in the closet, Crump said.

It was an “absolutely horrific scene for the officers and the brother,” he said.

As she was being taken to the hospital, the mother told police her sons were staying with a baby sitter, and the brother told police the boys did regularly stay with that person, Crump said.

The mother was hospitalized in critical condition with neck and abdomen wounds, he said. She is expected to survive.

“She will be in the hospital for some time with some very serious self-inflicted injuries,” Crump said. “It’s a murder investigation at this point.”

When the woman initially spoke with her brother in the garage after he returned home, she talked about what “she had found in life or what she needed in life,” Crump said.

Beyond that, the woman’s family members have no answers and “don’t know what set this off,” Crump said.

The woman and her children live with her brother and the siblings’ mother, Crump said. “There’s no father in the picture.”

No identities were released.

Residents said the neighbourhood of town homes is quiet, and the older boys frequently rode bicycles outside.

“Kids are supposed to feel good in this neighborhood,” said Frank Segura, who lives across the street. “It’s heartbreaking. They’re just nice kids.”

Next-door neighbour Shelley Severns said her children played with the older boys, whom she called “cute little things.”

The boys were killed sometime during a several-hour period after the woman’s mother left for work Wednesday evening and her brother returned home from work before midnight, the spokesman said.


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Nirmala Panta rape, murder case : Locals protest after wrong suspect paraded

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BHIMDUTTANAGAR — Locals who were protesting against the rape and murder of Nirmala Panta of Kanchanpur’s Bhimdatta Municipality, have enforced shutdown in Bhimduttanagar Bazaar on Tuesday, protesting police’s failure to reveal facts behind the murder of 13-year-old girl and parading wrong suspect on Monday.

The District Police Office, organising a press conference on Monday,had made public Dilip Singh Bista (41), of Baghphanta, Bhimdatta Municipality-19 as Nirmala’s murderer.

Locals have shut down the market area stating that police were not being able to make public the true murderer(s) as they are not convinced by the findings of police citing that Bista was mentally unsound, according to the District Police Office.

Transportation has also been halted.

Bista, a resident of Khanna Chauraha area in Bhimdutta Municipality-19, was apprehended near the scene of crime on Sunday, according to police.

Police making public the wrong suspect has infuriated the locals and fueled the protest.

The agitators including various civil society organisations and human rights defenders have been picketing the District Administration Office and staging rally on the street mounting pressure on the police to reveal the facts behind the heinous crime.

Meanwhile, it had been learnt that police have fired rounds of teargas shells to contain the agitated mob.

Nirmala was found murdered in a sugarcane field on July 27, a day after she had gone to her friend’s home to get a notebook.

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