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An app that allows Japanese men to check sperm from home

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TOKYO — A company in Japan has developed a kit that allows men to use their phones to check their sperm count in the comfort of their home.

Marketed by Recruit Lifestyle Co, the kit, also called Seem, intends to transform would-be-fathers into researchers, empowering them to check the number and action of their own sperm utilizing their cell phone’s camera.

For this users need to download a free iPhone app to take a video of their sperm. Users then put a drop of their semen on the lens and shoot a video using the app.

The images are then automatically analyzed, showing mobility and concentration of the sperm in numbers, according to the company.

The app then displays the data in bar graphs, allowing users to compare the results against parameters for sperm characteristics set by the World Health Organization.

The firm decided to release the product after witnessing resistance by many men to visit fertility clinics, a Recruit Lifestyle official said.

A low sperm count and slow mobility are believed to be the top causes of male infertility.

With Japan’s population declining rapidly, Seem’s developers say they want to take away the embarrassment felt by many Japanese men who are reluctant to go to a clinic and have their sperm checked

The sperm-test kit costs about $50, and inside there is a microscope lens and a cup. The lens fits onto the camera of a smartphone.

“It takes about one to two minutes to send the video and get the result so it’s really easy to do self-check,” said Ryo Irisawa, the developer of the app.

He said the app analyses the movement of sperm on the camera and then gives a read-out about mobility and concentration.

It even displays the data in graph form, so a man can check his sperm count against averages set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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One shot dead at Duhabi





INARUWA—A person was shot dead nearby Jayababa Brick Kiln at Duhabi Municiplaity-9 in Sunsari district.

Jayababa Brick Kiln, Supervisor Fida Hussain, 50, a local, was shot dead, confirmed Sub Inspector Gyanendra Prasad Phuyal.

Eyewitness said that two people borne out in a motorbike in black clothes had shot at Hussain.

He was shot down while he was with his wife on morning walk.

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