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Adolescent pregnancy rates high in Shuklaphatna




KANCHANPUR — Teenage pregnancy, also known as adolescent pregnancy rates are on the rise in Shuklaphanta Municipality of Kanchanpur as early marriage continues to take place here.

The rate of teenage pregnancy is on the increasing graph as majority of girls here get married early (before 20 years) due to lack of awareness about its disadvantages. Likewise, poverty is another factor promoting early marriage in the municipality.

In a period of past 10 months, among expectant mothers visiting the Pipladi health post, 27 were from the 16-19 years of age group. Health post chief Dilip Singh Saud said only 30 pregnant above 20 underwent safe delivery in the period.

In the corresponding period last year, 26 adolescents delivered their babies in the health post. The case of Jhalari Health Post is not different, as 23 pregnant who arrived here, seeking health check-up were below 20. Most of the teenage mothers are from the ethnic and Dalit communities.

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Uterine-prolapse, birth of an underweight child and other reproductive health-related problems are common in cases of teenage pregnancies.

“A woman who is impregnated underage is likely to give birth to an underweight baby. Such mothers are advised to provide kangaroo mother care for their newborn babies to save them from possible pneumonia and malnutrition, as such babies will have low immune system,” he said.

Most of adolescent pregnant women visiting the health section of the Municipality have been found to be suffering from malnutrition, said Section chief Tirtha Raj Bhatta.

The legal marriage age for girls is above 20, and underage marriage will subject parents to three years in prison.

Approximately 30 percent child marriage is estimated to have taken place in Kanchanpur alone (30 percent girl child marriage, and 10 percent boy child marriage).

Nepal is placed in the third position in child marriage beyond Bangladesh in the first and India in the second in the South Asia.

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Nag Panchami today

Gorkha Post



KATHMANDU — Hindus across the country are observing Nagh Panchami or Sukla Panchami festival on Thursday. The festival of Nag Panchami or the serpent deity festival is observed across the nation by pasting the pictures of Nag or the serpent deity above the main gate of the houses today.

Devotees from several areas would visit the Nagpokhari to worship the serpent deity. The pond, which is situated at Naxal, has been decorated for this day. The idol of the Nag is situated in the middle of this serpent pond.

There are many legends and folklore in Hindu mythology narrated to the importance of worship of snakes.

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Nag Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of the moonlit-fortnight in the month of Saun (between July and August). This is the time when serpents invariably come out of their holes that often get inundated with rainwater to seek shelter. As such they pose a danger to the man.

The festival that falls in the rainy season is believed to counter the increased possibility of snake bites during this time.

A big fare is being organised at Changunarayan Temple, which lies a top of small hill of Bhaktapur. The temple is visited by a large crowed of devotees during the day.

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