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6 including journalist, killed in Kabul double blasts

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KABUL — Double explosions targeted central Kabul on Monday morning, killing at least six people, including a journalist, and wounding 14, authorities said.

The first explosion was soon followed by another. Five people were killed by the initial blast and 11 wounded, according to Mohammad Asim, chief of the Kabul ambulance service.

Police officer Jan Agha said the journalist died in the second blast, which also wounded two police officers.

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Kabul chief of police Dawood Amin says the area of Kabul that was targeted includes foreign offices.

Mohammad Mousa Zahir, director of Wazir Akbarkhan Hospital, said several people suffering injuries from the blast were being treated at the hospital.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The local Islamic State group affiliate and the more firmly established Taliban — both groups want to establish strict Islamic rule in Afghanistan — carry out regular attacks around the country, with the Taliban usually targeting the government and security forces and IS targeting the Shiite minority.


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32 dead, 1 missing in Papua attacks, Indonesian police say

AP Associated Press




JAYAPURA, INDONESIA- Security forces tried to recover the bodies of 31 construction workers and a soldier who were killed in one of the worst separatist attacks in Indonesia’s restive province of Papua, officials said Tuesday.

Papua police spokesman Suryadi Diaz said 24 workers were killed on Sunday when gunmen stormed a government bridge construction project in a remote mountainous village in Nduga district.

Citing reports from several witnesses, Diaz said, eight other workers fled to the nearby house of a local parliament member, but an armed group came a day later and killed seven of them. However the eighth managed to escape and remains missing.

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“This is the worst attack launched by the armed criminal group recently amid intensified development by the government,” Diaz told The Associated Press.

Separately, Papua province military spokesman Lt. Col. Dax Sianturi said an armed group attacked a military post in Mbua village in the same district late Monday, killing a soldier and injuring another.

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