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4 satellite cities in Kathmandu Valley

KATHMANDU — The government is to develop four more cities inside the Kathmandu Valley to control the escalation of unsystematic settlement and systematize the Valley life.

The Cabinet meeting on Monday has decided to develop new cities in south-west, south-east and north-east and north-west part of Kathmandu Valley. Each new city would be built on 10 thousand ropanis of land.

The government will invest 10 billion rupees and private sector will invest 40 billion rupees within upcoming five years for the new project.

Minister KC shared that government has forwarded the concept of ‘smart city’ after managing the integrated land plot for the same.

One hundred thousand ropani of land will be allocated for the physical development project in the valley. The new concept will encompass area from the main road to Sankhu from Mulpani Cricket Pitch and Sali River Bridge to Kharipati via Telkot.

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Similarly, the project will cover Mulpani adjoining Tikhalapakhe, Bode, Manohara Bridge while excluding Nepal Army Barracks, Kharipati.

The second smart city as per the government’s plan will link the foot of a forest in Suryabinayak, Balkot and Kaushaltar in Bhaktapur, Lamatar river in Lalitpur and the Araniko Highway.

To be spread on 10 thousand ropanis of land, the city will be developed as second satellite city according to the plan.

In the process, all areas of Gundu, Balkot and Dadhikot in Bhaktapur will be covered. The government is preparing to adopt public-private partnership concept for the project, said Minister KC.

The plan was initiated to check haphazard construction of high-rise buildings and make city areas clean and beautiful, Minister KC said.

The action plan has adopted the city development strategy and UN Habitat concept also with the motive to manage areas outside the ring road in a systematic way, he added.