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321 artists to give voice in an environmental change song

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KATHMANDU — Some 321 artists are giving their voice in a lyric related to climate change.

The artists are imparting awareness-raising information through a lyric on climate change adaptation, which has been emerging as a big challenge in the country.

Artist Nipesh Dhaka took the initiative to record a public awareness-creating song on environment with the voice of popular artists on coming May 19.

Dhaka shared that the campaign would be registered in ‘Guinness Book of World Records’.

Four studios of Radio Nepal would be used for the record of the music that would be of 33 minutes 49 seconds. The music video of the song would be used for nationwide publicity for environment protection.

He further said that the campaign has been put in place in the context when the country is witnessing environmental degradation day after day and it has been negatively impacting ecosystem and human lives.


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US judge dismisses Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off’ copyright lawsuit

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LOS ANGELES — A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit accusing singer Taylor Swift of stealing lyrics for her song ‘Shake It Off’ on Tuesday ruling the phrases in question were not sufficiently original to merit copyright protection.

Songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler brought the suit last fall, arguing that the chorus of the song borrowed from their 2001 composition, ‘Playas Gon’ Play’.

In his ruling, Judge Michael W Fitzgerald held that combining the phrases, ‘Playas gonna play’ and ‘haters gonna hate,’ does not entail sufficient originality to warrant copyright protection, Variety reported.

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Swift’s 2014 song reached No 1 on the pop charts and marked her evolution from country to pop music.

Swift’s lyrics from the chorus of ‘Shake It Off’ are, ‘the players gonna play, play, play, play, play, and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.’

Attorneys for Swift asked US District Judge Michael Fitzgerald in January to dismiss the case.

“In order for such short phrases to be protected under the Copyright Act, they must be more creative than the lyrics at issue here,” Fitzgerald ruled, according to court papers.

The songwriters who sued Swift did not allege Swift’s song stole musical elements, the judge said, and phrases about players and haters existed in pop culture before 2001.

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