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3 vehicles vandalized, 172 banda enforcers held in Valley

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KATHMANDU — At least three vehicles were vandalized by transport entrepreneurs and workers during their nationwide transport strike (chakka jam) on Thursday morning.

According to police, banda enforcers have vandalized a TATA Sumo, Ba 1 Jha, 4813 and a Taxi, Ba 2 Jha, 2000, at Teku and another Taxi, Ba 1 Jha 1599, at Maharajgunj this morning.

The transport entrepreneurs have enforced chakkajam in the Kathmandu Valley since early morning today in protest of the increment of the penalty slapped for breaching traffic rules.

The transport entrepreneurs have brought public transport to halt protesting the hefty rise in the traffic police fine to the range of Rs 500 to Rs 1,500 from existing Rs 25 to Rs 200 that came in to effect since last May 14.

Deputy Superintendant of Police (DSP) at Metropolitan Traffic Police Division Gyanendra Pakhrin, no public vehicles except those carrying most essential goods are plying on the road in the capital today.

The Traffic Act was amended on 29 June 2015 introducing a new provision to increase penalty for routing traffic rules to be effective from May 14.

Meanwhile, Police have arrested a total of 172 strike enforcers from Kathmandu for allegedly obstructing the traffic movement, said SSP Sharad Chand, Spokesperson at Metropolitan city Police office.

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2 injured as bomb goes off at Ward Chair’s house

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DAMAK — An unidentified group detonated a bomb at the house of Bhim Poudel, a Ward Chairperson of the Damak Municipality Ward Number 7, last night, injuring two people including a woman.

The injured were hit by shrapnel due to the explosion. The explosion has also caused minor damages to the house which is located some 500 metres to the east of the Area Police Office, Damak.

It was a powerful explosion and it is not known who carried it out, police said.

Those injured in the incident are Semu Rai and Tilochan Pokhrel who had come to visit their relatives at the house next to Poudel’s house.

Both them who have been wounded in the hands and legs are being treated at the Lifeline Hospital in Damak. Rai is a staff at the same hospital.

Police has started an investigation into the case. Meanwhile, the Nepal Communist Party led by Netra Bikram Chand (Biplav) has today issued a press release saying those playing main role in evicting the landless squatters in the disputed market area in Damak. It had specifically named Wrad Chair Poudel and Mayor Romnath Oli.

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