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16 persons injured as Tara Air plane crashes at Simkot

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SIMKOT — Sixteen persons, including a pilot, were injured when an aircraftbelonging Tara Air crashed during take-off at Simikot Airport in Humla on Tuesday.

The twin otter aircraft with call sign 9N-ABM looses balance after a tire gets punctured in the middle of the runway during takeoff. The plane was preparing to fly to Surkhet from Simikot, Humla.

The aircraft finally came to rest at the Northern part of the runway. The front part of the aircraft has suffered severe damages.

Injured plane’s pilot, Basanta Lama and two assistant sub-inspector have been taken to the district hospital.

Thirteen police personnel along with three crew members were on board the plane. Pilot Basanta Lama suffered injuries to his head. Thirteen other passengers suffered minor injuries. They are receiving treatment at Humla Hospital.

The injured are being rescued by a Nepal Army chopper.

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Country marking today as Black Day





KATHMANDU- The country is marking today (December 16) as Black Day to protest the disposition of the first democratically elected government by the late former king Mahendra Shah on December 15, 1960.

Mahendra took charge of the state with the help of the then Royal Nepali Army and formulated the Panchayat System by overthrowing the elected government led by B.P. Koirala and dissolving the parliament.

Various programmes are scheduled on the occasion.

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