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14 new hot springs identified in Myagdi



MYAGDI — Fourteen new sources of hot springs have been identified at various places in Myagdi district.

“ Among them five new sources of hot springs were found along the Maygdi River bank at Beni Municipality-13 in the district and nine others along the river bank of Kali Gandaki,” said Birendraman Shakya, Chair of Singa Tatopani Kunda  Management Committee.

The water from the hot springs is said to contain several minerals as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Because of the presence of these minerals, the hot springs, which measure to over 50 degree Celsius,  are believed to relieve ailments linked with joints, gastritis and  skin.

“Most of the newly identified thermal springs fall in the Annapurna trekking circuit and may serve as tourist destinations as trekkers can enjoy taking a dip in the hot spring,” said Shakya.

On an average, over 20,000 people take a bath in the old hot springs in the district annually, shared Shakya, adding that the newly-found thermal springs will have an upgrade.

There are over 32 identified hot springs across the country.

Meanwhile, a new project has been launched to tame two raging rivers that threaten to flood the Beni Bazaar, the district headquarters of Myagdi.

The Beni Bazaar is viewed as a city under high risk due to the ever-present danger of the rivers swelling and flooding its banks particularly during the monsoon season.

The project with a total cost of Rs 12 million is being launched for keeping Beni Bazaar safe by containing the impact of the Kaligandaki and Myagdi rivers.

The authorities are building a concrete and machinery walls along the banks of the Kaligandaki and Myagdi rivers, according to the Water-Induced Disaster Management Sub Division Office, Baglung.

An agreement has been sealed for Rs 7.5 million to build a concrete wall of 62.5 meters along the banks of Kaligandaki river. The wall will be 7.40 meters high, Sub Division Chief Engineer, Khagendra Bhattachan said.

In Myagdi river, a machinery wall of 72 meter in length and 5 meter in height will be build for which a contract agreement of Rs 4.6 million has been reached with Pokhara’s BG Constructions.


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Century Commercial Bank begins joint operation



Centuary Bank joint operation inuguration

KATHMANDU — After acquiring ‘B’ class Alpine Development Bank Limited and ‘C’ class Seti Finance Limited, Century Commercial Bank Limited has started its joint operation from Monday.

Joint operation of the bank was inaugurated by Chiranjibi Nepal, governor of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), according to a statement issued by the bank.

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The bank has acquired these two financial institutions to expand its capital to Rs 8 billion. The bank now had 85 branches across the country, which would soon be expanded to 100.

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