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14 killed in Afghan military base attack



KABUL — At least 14 persons including three soldiers were killed during a clash at a military base in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan province, a top official said on Monday.

“Several armed militants stormed the army base in Tirin Kot district late Sunday night,” the official told Xinhua news agency.

Among the derad, 11 were militants from the Taliban terror group, he said.

The attackers were also believed to have taken control of the base for hours before additional forces arrived early Monday.

Soldiers were also captured by the militants in the attack, a provincial official said.

“The additional forces are trying to secure the base and they launched a search operation to locate and rescue the captured soldiers,” he said.

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India bans condom ads from prime time TV



NEW DELHI — India has imposed a nationwide ban on television ads for condoms during prime time, citing rules prohibiting ‘vulgar’ content and concerns over children and family members viewing salacious material.

On Monday, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued Advisory No. 40011/01/2014-BC-1, now known as the condom ban, saying that condom commercials could be ‘indecent/inappropriate for viewing by children.’

The information and broadcasting ministry ordered India’s estimated 900 television channels to restrict condom commercials to between 10 pm in the evening and 6 am in the morning, threatening repercussions if the ads fall outside graveyard hours.

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“All TV channels are hereby advised not to telecast the advertisements of condoms which are [a] for particular age group and could be indecent for viewing by children,” the order issued Dec. 11 said citing broadcasting regulations prohibiting “indecent, vulgar, suggestive, repulsive or offensive themes.”

Some critics of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) accused it of being motivated less by children’s welfare than by prudishness, pointing to past moves like blocking hundreds of pornographic websites and an effort to eliminate sex education from government schools.

The country’s population currently stands around 1.3 billion, and within the next decade India is expected to pass China and become the world’s most populous country.

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