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10 kg tumour extracted from girl’s abdomen




BIRTAMOD —  In an unprecedented successful medical milestone in the country’s medical history, surgeons have extracted 10 kg tumour from a teenager’s stomach at Om Sai Pathivara Hospital based at Bhadrapur of Jhapa.

The tumour was taken out from the abdomen of an 18–year–old teenage girl of Jyamirgadhi area of Mechinagar–15 through a surgical operation held with telescopic technology.

The girl was rushed to the hospital after experiencing sudden and acute pain in her stomach on Friday. Her stomach had bloated abnormally and the doctors’ team took the mammoth task on the same day.

The operation took two hours, Dr Sashi Singh said. He added that three miniature holes were dented on the stomach to extract the tumour. The doctors who performed the difficult surgery are Dr Suman Singh, Dr Muskan Singh and Dr Sashi Singh.

The girl’s health condition is reported to be stable and will be sent home in a few days. Following the successful operation, girl’s mother, Hridaya Rajbanshi, extended her gratitude to the doctors’ team.

“Those who have saved my child’s life are Gods,” she said. She has also appealed for economic support and has cited her poor economic condition.

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4 held with illegal pharmaceutical drugs

Gorkha Post



SUNSARI — Police have arrested four people in possession of illegal pharmaceutical drugs at Dharan on Sunday.

Albert Gurung and Anish Tamang of Munal Chowk in Dharan-10, Nawaraj Gurung of Dharan-15 and Arun Chaudhary of Khanar in Itahari-11 were arrested on charge of smuggling and selling the illegal pharmaceutical drugs, according to the police.

The police arrested the accused during a routine check at Dharan-based Tinkune checkpost. The police have also recovered 630 ampules of nitrazepam, 140 ampules of nitrasone and seven bottles of dilex from the detainees.

The arrestees have been kept under the police custody for further investigation.

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